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Fred Pompermayer Collection

The Biggest Maverick’s Yet: Bruce Jenkins, December 19, 2001

Sarah Gerhardt

Women in Mavericks Contest

Women fight for gender pay equality in killer wave competition

Greg Long

Doc Renneker: Playing Docs Games by William Finnegan

Ocean Beach’s ‘Doc’ Renneker on riding big waves

Mark Sponslor

Tyler Smith

Vince Collier

Alex Martins

Randy Cone

Nathan Fletcher: Surfer Floats Big Wave Replica

Nic Lamb Interview

Anthony ‘Tazy’ Tashnick

Garrett McNamara

Shane Desmond

How to deal with death in XXL waves

Ken “Skindog” Collins

Brock Little

Peter Mel & Laird Hamilton Interview

Peter Mel Wins the Mavericks Invitational 2012-2013

Flea & Peter Mel: To Hell & Back

Wormhoudt proposes 50-foot sculpture near mavericks

Riding Giants

Riding Giants Reviews

It’s Not About the Waves

Chasing Mavericks

Sundance film festival

Titans of Mavericks

Nine things to know about the titans of mavericks event/

Surfing Titans of Mavericks

Rogue wave wipes out beach

Stuntmen take over Mavericks

Big Swells, Tall Waves, New York Times, Photo by Ed Grant

Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest Highlights 2013

Mavericks: Everest of the seas

Grants Graphics – Everest of the Seas

Working stiffs of Mavericks

Mavericks: Interesting facts about California’s big wave spot

Mavericks, Life and death surfing

The Fear Project

Anderson Cooper Explores Nazare

60 Minutes – Surfing the 100 ft swell at Nazare

Young Women Surf Waves of Change

Three-time Mavericks champion retires from big-wave surfing

Mavericks 2005 has become an event at sea

Pillar Point Marsh Beach